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CRS in Benin and Togo: An Overview of Our Work

CRS in Benin and Togo: An Overview of Our Work   

This fact sheet describes CRS' work in Benin and Togo. Our current programming in Benin and Togo includes the following areas:

  • Health
  • Livelihoods
  • Justice and peacebuilding

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Our history in Benin and Togo

Catholic Relief Services began working in Benin and Togo in 1958. We have worked continuously in Benin for the past 55 years. In 1992, we closed our office in Togo because of the country’s political crisis, but we returned in 1998 at the request of the Conference of Bishops of Togo.

What we do

CRS employs an integrated approach to help the most vulnerable people lead full and productive lives. In Benin and Togo, we have implemented programs on education, school feeding, HIV and AIDS, malaria, child survival, microfinance, justice and peacebuilding.

We work through various partnerships, including national and local governments, local NGOs, international NGOs and the Caritas structures.

Our priorities in Benin and Togo include the following areas:

  • Health, especially malaria, nutrition, and HIV and AIDS
  • Livelihoods, especially microenterprise development and girls’ education
  • Justice and peacebuilding

Current programs

We have three expatriate staff and 49 national staff. We run an office in Cotonou, Benin, and an office in Lomé, Togo.


We are helping communities provide care for children who have malaria. Our goal is to reduce morbidity and mortality due to malaria by 30 percent in Benin by strengthening the health system and improving management of community-based organizations.

The program targets 14 health zones. It has trained more than 1,800 community-based organizations.

CRS is the primary recipient of this US$20.1 million grant from the Global Fund for the years 2008–2015. Our partners are Plan, Africare, Medical Care Development International and Caritas.

Health care for children

We are helping communities provide better health care for children. The program targets 26,000 people in two health zones in Benin. Its goals include

  • strengthening the skills of 100 community health workers,
  • encouraging mothers to seek early care for sick children,
  • helping people accept and adhere to rapid diagnosis tests and
  • encouraging people to accept their community health workers’ recommendations.

This is a US$2 million research project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development for the years 2012–2016.


We are improving the quality of life for orphans, vulnerable children and people with HIV in Togo. The project has reached more than 6,100 people living with HIV and more than 1,700 orphans and vulnerable children.

This is a US$300,000 project for the years 2009–2013. The project is managed by OCDI and is largely funded with revenue from renting the program’s warehouses. CRS has invested its private resources to provide approximately 24 percent of the project’s funding.


We are helping rural households access basic health services through community insurance. This pilot project targets two districts of northwestern Benin.

Our partners are Caritas Diocesan Development Natitingou and NSIA Insurance, a private insurance company. The project’s budget is US$355,000 for the years 2011–2014.

CRS is contributing more than US$220,000 in private funds to document the process of developing this insurance product and analyzing how best to scale it up for universal health insurance.

Savings groups

We are helping rural women in northern Benin save money and access credit to improve their financial security. More than 38,900 people are active members of CRS’ savings groups. Eighty percent of the participants are women. The program targets nine municipalities.

Our partners are Caritas Natitingou and Caritas Abomey. The project’s budget is US$310,000 for the years 2010– 2013. CRS has contributed more than US$269,000 in private funds.

Justice and peacebuilding

We are promoting peace in Togo by strengthening the capacity of the National Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace. The commission raises women’s and youths’ awareness of their civic rights and responsibilities. The project targets three dioceses of Togo.

Our partners are the commission and Secours Catholique. The budget is US$126,000 for the years 2011–2013.

More information

For more information on our work in Benin and Togo, contact our office at:

Address: 01 B.P. 518 RP, Cotonou, Bénin
Tel: +229 21 30 36 73 or 21 30 39 45
E-mail: Country profile: Benin

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Publisher: Catholic Relief Services (April 2013)
Fact sheet: 2 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.27 x 11.69 inches

Posted on April 11, 2013

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