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Helping Young People Prevent Violence in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza

Violence is a continual source of anxiety in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The Youth Voices for Community Action project has helped young people to address violence against women, children and religious and secular groups.

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Helping Young Egyptians Improve Their Communities

From September 2008 to June 2011, Catholic Relief Services and partners helped young Egyptians design and implement 14 projects. The program encouraged youth to develop civic knowledge and leadership skills at a time when they had few opportunities to engage their communities.

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Empowering young people to improve government accountability in Lebanon

Catholic Relief Services and partners organized the Youth Activists Leaders in Lebanon project (YALLA) in March 2010. Participants launched a nationwide media campaign to shift election dialogue away from identity politics and toward issues such as government transparency and accountability.

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Working toward 25% representation for women in South Sudan political life

South Sudan's peace agreement and interim constitution both require 25% female participation in all spheres of public life. CRS is building on this impressive start by empowering women and working to ensure that nascent institutions integrate gender equality as a guiding principle.

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Building a Future for At-Risk Youth

Youth unemployment is a critical problem in Central America. Catholic Relief Service works with young people to help them reduce violence, contribute to economic recovery, create alternatives to migration, and lead healthy and productive lives.

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